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“This novel can stand alone in any literary company and still be dazzling. It is without doubt the finest novel of the year for this reader.”

~ Grady Harp, Amazon Top 50 and Hall of Fame Reviewer,

What triggered two teenagers to savagely assault a man leaving a gay bar? What kind of men are they now in their 30s?

Rudy Dallmann, 40, single, choosing isolation in rural Massachusetts as a self-employed gardener, is goaded by his best friend Tex, a social activist, to finally “get on the record” this crime never prosecuted. Rudy goes further: He tracks these men down, one at a time, coming to terms with them and himself in the process.

As an avid reader and professional reviewer I am not often knocked off my feet by something especially in both plot and language, but I can honestly say this is not just one of the most beautiful books I have read this year, it is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read.”

~ Amos Lassen,

Savage homophobia dissected…plausible, riveting, big-hearted.”

~ Richard Stevenson, the Don Strachey gay private eye novels

“A beautiful novel of transformation and triumph. Warning: the first chapter is hard to read.”

~ Toby Johnson, former editor, White Crane Journal

Compelling, universal story. Alther is truly gifted. considers The Scar Letters a must-read.

RICHARD ALTHER’S first two novels are THE DECADE OF BLIND DATES and SIEGFRIED FOLLIES. He is also a Master’s Swimmer and exhibiting painter, living in Vermont and Southern California with his husband Ray Repp.